We fix all major brands of air conditioners.

“Don’t worry, you won’t need to replace your system, we can fix it!”

At Thermaco inc. we repair all major brands of air conditioning systems and our work is guaranteed. We serve Montreal, Laval, North shore, South shore and the Laurentians. We provide services to residential, commercial and industrial client

Don’t be caught out by the next heat wave, make sure your air conditioner is fully functional today.

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Maintain and extend the life of your air conditioner

In hot weather, your air conditioning system runs at full speed. A system that has not been properly maintained will be more likely to fail or break. As you would do for your vehicle, have your air conditioning system serviced to increase its life and avoid undesirable surprises when you need it the most.

You can do a few steps of the seasonal maintenance yourself:

  • Visually inspect of your equipment for any breakage or flaws
  • Clean the outdoor unit to remove accumulated dirt * CAUTION: Be sure to turn off the power to the unit first
  • Change the filter if it’s dirty

If you notice any anomaly on your air conditioner, contact a refrigeration specialist at Thermaco right away |Contact us|

Here are some of the common problems that we can solve during air conditioner repairs (without having to change your air conditioner!):

  • Frost in my air conditioner
  • House temperature too high
  • Air conditioner flowing
  • Fan that doesn’t work
  • Moisture problem in the house
  • Smell of mold when starting the wall unit
  • Noisy air conditioner

We are specialized in the repair and maintenance of all types of air conditioners:

  • Bi-block wall unit
  • Central air conditioning unit
  • Air conditioning unit with water

Trust the Thermaco team for the repair of your air conditioner. Our RBQ and CMMTQ certified refrigeration team repairs all the brands available on the market.

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