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We install, repair and maintain your air conditioning, heating and heat pump systems.

Thermaco is available 24/7 to handle your needs, whether you’re a residential, commercial or industrial client.


To make sure your electrical, gas or oil furnace reach their optimal efficiency, its important to inspect its major components on an annual basis. We recommend to set the inspection in fall, to avoid any trouble during the winter season. If you notice an irregular noise coming from your unit, it might be a sign that some parts needs to be replaced. Its critical that a qualified technician examens the totality of your heating system. Our team responds quickly to solve the problem, no matter if it’s on older devices or newer ones.

Heat Pump

Residential heat pumps do not require a lot of maintenance compared to commercial units. The filter needs to be changed, the cleaning of the evaporator drain (p-trap) and the external condenser (with water) are the main tasks to fulfil in order to optimize the performance of your device. Even if these operations are not necessarily complex, make sure it’s done properly by entrusting a professional from Thermaco.

Air Conditioner

Whether its for residential, commercial or industrial sector, it’s essential that a certified refrigeration technician performs the maintenance of your air conditioning system on a regular basis. A poorly maintained system will be defective on extreme weather conditions. Do not wait until your air conditioning system stops working in the middle of a heat wave to worry about it. Our team guarantees a fast and efficient maintenance and repair service.


The poor installation of heating or air conditioning equipment can have an impact on its durability and performance. For a reliable service, rely on our team’s expertise and qualified professionals! Thermaco’s heat pump, heating and air conditioning installation services are high on quality.

Heat Pump

Air Conditioning


Icone Réparation


Choose THERMACO for the repair of your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner! Our certified technicians have in-depth knowledge of every brand sold in Quebec, for residential, commercial or industrial uses. Our repair service is available both day and night, at the time when you will need it the most!

Heat Pump

Air Conditioning



Your equipment will function properly through maintenance. This applies to residential, commercial, industrial or institutional uses. A number of aspects need to be examined, such as motors, compressors, refrigerants, oils, belts and filters, pressure and amperage.

Heat Pump

Air Conditioning


Customized Service

Thermaco is available 24/7 to meet the needs of our clients from the following sectors:


Heat pumps and furnaces are the refrigeration mechanic’s key equipment. Clients from the residential sector need to understand that installation is the most critical step to ensure optimal system performance.


As a company owner, Thermaco understands you. That is why our company offers you a full range of services that will meet your various needs. Since many businesses operate day and night, our reliable 24/7 technical assistance service will bring you the peace of mind you need.


Our service for industrial clients is an important part of our company. This service calls for extensive expertise in the field, and focuses on devices such as make up air, boilers and chillers, and office control and automation.

Welcome to Thermaco

THERMACO establishes new standards regarding the quality of the services in air conditioning, heat pumps, ventilation and heating in residential, commercial and industrial (hvac) industries.

With over 20 years of experience, our licensed technicians will meet your expectations and your needs.  Our qualified staff will give you the comfort you deserve.

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